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My place in this big world…

I’ve always wondered where my place is in this world…

With my initial search, I thought that I just couldn’t find it. Now I know, I haven’t found my place because it isn’t there yet. I realized that I have to create my place.

I’m not content with having some cookie cutter, less than perfect, run of the mill position in life.

I want my own place that I earned on my own merit. A place that I created with my own two hands. A place that I paid for with my own dues. I want an imperfectly magnificent place overlooking the clouds.

I know I have a lot more climbing to do before I make it all the way up there to start my build; but I don’t even mind. I’m just enjoying the view and taking each peak on my journey one day at a time.

I always keep my blueprints on hand for whenever I reach the top to break new ground.

Inspiration that inspires me to inspire you.

– I LIve to InspIre


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