Happiness isn’t…

Happiness isn’t wishing for more to enter your life, too soon, but it’s appreciating who & what you have in your life now. Happiness is humbly accepting all the blessings, big & small, you receive each day and being thankful for every last one. Happiness is acting as a welcoming host when new opportunities knock at your door; it’s not shutting your heart to what’s unfamiliar because of your apprehension to change.

Always allow happiness into your life.

Dear John Letter: The Fiancee to Travel


Dear You,

I want to leave. To escape with my sanity and my heart still semi in tact. To walk out of the front door, step into my car and drive until these memories fade from my rearview mirror. I want a new landscape in a new environment to invigorate a new self.

I’m afraid of the delicate, unsure creature that slowly devours me. Day by day, I submit to her need for your love. Her need for your touch. For her yearn to hold your heart in the same fashion as you hold hers.

She fills me with anxious, amorous intentions that receive cold responses. Cold responses from you, the one so unaware of the loyalty lying beneath you. The one, so thoughtless of her desire that waits on you to arrive each day. The one, so deaf to the frantic voice echoing from her soul.

She quietly asks to be noticed and protected while I demand to be heard and released.

I only want to be freed from this prison of unrequited actions. To be freed from this complex Cinderella left behind. I want to be free of hopeless romance.

No more images of a life with me and you, thoughts of marriage and wondering about the names soon to follow. Instead, my life will be countrysides in Italy, architecture in Paris and love affairs with London. And my soulmate awaits for my arrival.

She doesn’t understand what I see in him because her love only imagines a life with you. She only sees me as a foolish fiancee to Travel. But I can’t imagine my life without his majesty.

His eyes are the pigments that paint the skies. His skin is the smooth, warm sands. His hair is the lush, green forests. And his voice is the soft, subtle hum of nature.

The path to my soulmate is drawn out for me on a map. I must follow the twists and turns of the roads to live within the arms of his beauty. Even if that means leaving that piece of myself and her desperate dreams of you behind.


(Fiancee to Travel)