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Foundation Covers the Scars…

You want some human interaction and attention, a little affection that moves into a more than platonic direction. You know that love and affection don’t mix with working toward success and… The only time you felt like you were in love, deeply, fondly, even mentally, it wasn’t meant to be.

You were just getting used to the idea that it was truly all it seems and then you trip, slip and bump your head, chip your polish and realize it was all too good to be true.

As much as you try to fight it you become that friend drowning in a pool of misery, reflecting on what used to be. Hoping for what could of been; wishing you had never seen that man. Oh, if he had never spoken to you; you wouldn’t have been led so far in.

Just for that, you digress. You burrow deep inside yourself not letting anyone in, locking yourself behind closed doors in empty rooms. Occasionally when you re-enter the world of hurt you try to make up for lost time. Disguising yourself behind fake smiles and Voluminous mascara as if life is easy, breezy but you know it’s just a cover, girl.

Looking drop dead gorgeous even though you just want to drop the facade dead in its tracks. You want to take of the dress and step down from your 5 inch stiletto pedestal. But you can’t. You’ll settle with looking amazing, as long as the club can’t see past your smoky eyes and bronze blush.

If they did, they’d see the empty woman hiding behind the full masquerade. And that’s not who you want everyone to see.


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