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The Definition of Fine Print


Written words with such power; their presence lingers even after the ink dries.

Thoughts illuminated on a background of sheer white.

All that was unsaid, left on a ticking sheet ready to explode upon reading.

Written words with such passion;leaving remnants of faith, inspiration and invigorating change.

Daunting to the oppressor, threatening the psychological powers once held. While empowering the minds of the oppressed, their eyes swoon and their hearts are filled.

Written words motivate The Resistance.

Igniting an intellectual blaze only to be extinguished by social justice and equality.

Written words with such purity, exposing the truth to the masses in an eloquent brillance.

The truth of the greatness that could be.

The greatness exuded from silent strength, from sleepless nights, from incessant insistence that the humble, the meek and the downtrodden shall inherit due rewards.

With faith, conviction, ability and morality those written words are personified. Their meanings are magnified.

And The Movement is brought to life radiating an effervescent light onto all whom remain in the darkness.

Written words tell The Movement to stand, lift its hands and reach out to every living, breathing being and upon arrival begin to teach.

Watch as those written words keep multiplying. As the written words walk in great strides, off the pages and into the streets.

Then the work towards a better tomorrow for young and old, every background and skin tone will be greater than the battle we fight separately towards a future left dim and bleak.

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