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No more running…

In my want to help others, I become engulfed in giving advice, proofreading and editing for others. While it’s all coming from a good place, I don’t take the time to do those things for myself. Until someone (my boyfriend to be more specific) told me, “there’s nothing to it but to do it.”

Amazingly enough, this simple phrase made me sit back and evaluate what I was doing to enrich and develop myself. Nothing. I had many good intentions; I had checked out 2 library books about Public Relations and digital media but having not read more than 10 pages out of either book after almost 2 weeks isn’t progress. With so many forms of social media and resources at my fingertips, why am I not taking advantage of each of them? I’m looking for progress in the wrong places. Instead of actually sitting down and learning something new or trying something new, I’m secretly running away from improvement.

If you have been in the same predicament as me, STOP RUNNING. Take your own advice you keep giving to everyone else. Take the time you give to others out of your own schedule and put it into your own development. Let go of the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown. Revamp your website, write a new post in your blog, try something new with your social media, read some books, do some research and create some greatness.

I’m taking on my self development plan, right now, as we speak. Progression, here I come.

– ILIveToInspIre

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