Bipolar Disordered

After seeing how my boyfriend and myself are, I wrote these descriptions. I almost tried to box us into them, sadly. I had to realize we are different and that’s great. Not bad. We complement each other and we have to learn how to make things work…

It’s all black and white no colors to be seen. Not a drop of gray area in between. Yes or no. Bet it all now with this hand or put down your cards and fold. He’s here and ready not straddling any fences and if you are, in no time your feelings and his patience are diminished. He speaks what his mind has decided and afterwards it’s finished.

While you can’t decide who will wear what, why and when. Your black and white comes in 100 shades of gray, so you can always find a perfect blend. Unknowing of which fork to take so you walk in between. Never focused on one action, on the set of your life, you want a retake every scene. You arrive late in vibrant watercolors and rosey coke bottles. Never slow down enough to cruise but never committed to take it full throttle.

Only the heavens know the secret to this subatomic attraction.

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