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Not the “F” bomb … but an explicit term still

I wasn’t sure if this was a smart blog topic or if I’m going to far into my personal deep thoughts. At that moment I knew I needed to blog on it…


I say the word but I’m not sure if it takes on a real meaning to me. Fee_dell_it_e. It’s almost like an urban legend. Someone’s told me about it and someone else can confirm it but I’ve never actually seen it and I can’t really say if I’ve experienced it. So you can’t say it doesn’t exist but you don’t have any finite proof of your own.

So, I just can’t say I’m 100% sure.

Infidelity, on the other hand, exists in full reality for me. Which is funny because I can’t say I’ve seen that firsthand but the aftermath makes it verifiable. Like if a nuclear bomb goes off and you don’t see or hear the “boom” but when the mushroom cloud disappears and a town is demolished, there’s no denial that something happened.

Fidelity somewhat fades in my mind. Infidelity always, kind of, lingers in the far left corner in the very back. It stays in the caged area where dark secrets and fears congregate. But for some reason every once in a while, infidelity escapes and runs a muck.

Not in as much as myself being a culprit but the thoughts of being a victim of the crime arises with the escape. But why???

I just always wonder why infidelity is so real but fidelity seems to be a figment of my imagination. I wonder if my views will ever change or if I’m waiting for a sign. How would I ever know, anyway???

Why is infidelity so easy to prove while fidelity is so circumstantial???

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