Have #SpecialNeeds #Kids? Shut Them Up! #Malaysia #TCK #Autism

Have #SpecialNeeds #Kids? Shut Them Up! #Malaysia #TCK #Autism.

A new meaning to the “do over”…

As a child, using do overs was the game changer. You’d lose then say ‘do over’, ready to try again. When did you lose that want to do better the next time? Why are you so afraid to take chances? Why don’t you look at each day like a child’s ‘do over’?

Everyday is an opportunity. A restart. A new chance. No one makes you throw away your day, your opportunity. You do that on your own.

Take each day and own it.

Try harder, live better, learn more, love deeper, say less,  listen more, don’t compromise your values and be someone else’s blessing at least once everyday.

Let’s be more like children each day… curious and imaginative.

Are you what makes your life boring???

This is a question I continuously ask myself. I’m very outgoing and I love to socialize but once I moved to Atlanta after I graduated… I became very boring.

My face of relentless bordem

If I’m not at work, a church/church related function/meeting or visiting my boyfriend; I’m in my apartment. Alone. 😦

I understand it’s important to have alone time to renew and think but I think I take it a bit far. You can understand if you watch Sex and the City the movie and The Devil Wears Prada every weekend while stuffing your face. (I’m starting to look like Samantha at the baby shower for Baby Rose.)



Even at times when I make plans, I end up falling asleep. Sometimes I wonder if my body’s sabotaging me from having fun. Even tonight, I’m blogging about being the boredom in my own life. Lol. It’s ridiculous!!!

But as I lIve to InspIre, I write these words to remind anyone in the same slump as me to be your own hero. Only you can prevent bordem in your life.

So, take these steps along with me:

1. Get off your bed, out of your chair or off your couch.
2. Put on something jazzy. (Figure flattering and no sweat pants lol)
3. Grab a friend.
4. Go out and have fun.

Let’s take control of our social lives and stop sitting around. There’s plenty of world for us to see but we’ll never see it if we don’t take that first step.

Tell me if you make it out tonight!!!