Was there an option to opt out of becoming a grown up???

I mean, I’m here now but is it possible for me to warn others?

★Watch out when you take that leap to leave middle school and go into high school, you’re right around the corner from final exams and 20 page papers on a regular basis.

★Then when you leave college, you can look forward to paying back those student loans they tempted you to take. Lol.


Maybe there was a time I could have revised the “Adult” contract. Someone probably explained it after I pulled an all-nighter to finish projects/assignments assigned at the same time, all due on the same day.

Not everything about adulthood is horrible but I’d definitely like to renegotiate the contract. I’d like a few weekdays to just watch shows and cartoons that were out in the 90’s. I’d like the clothes to cost the same. And I want my mom to pack my lunches and cook dinner each night.


Other than that, I must say I enjoy what I learn about myself each day. I appreciate my spiritual journey I’ve taken and my relationship with God. I love stilettos and cardigans. And spending quality time with my boyfriend without my parents having to drop me off or any parental supervision is pretty cool.

☆Those of you not quite into adulthood, don’t rush things.
☆Live and appreciate your childhood, adolescence and teen years because you’ll miss them once they’re gone.
☆Have a good lawyer on hand to negotiate your “Adult” contract before you get here.

Who do you think you’re talking to???

God places different types of people in your life to play different roles. You have different people to talk to for different reasons.

You don’t have to talk to your boyfriend about the same subjects you talk to your best friend about. Especially if you’ve started to notice disjointing in those relationships when you try to talk about certain subjects.

Sometimes it takes a while to realize who plays what role. And you may have to get your feelings hurt a few times before you get a clear understanding. But it’s well worth knowing the best sources to go to about work issues, a tv series love affairs (like Fitz and Olivia), pop culture or any random item on your mind.

Just know, there’s nothing wrong with knowing who to talk. It can definitely strengthen relationships. And give you a proper outlet for whatever may be on your mind.

Speech less words…

In every relationship, there are times when you will have nothing to talk about. Are you ok with that??? Or are you like me, bothered when there’s “nothing” to talk about??? Though, it’s normal. The silence can feel so strange, so cold. Listen to my silence…


What happens when the talking ends??? When nothing else is said. Where do the words go???

Do they just disappear, cease to exist or are they only hidden out of sight???

Do they ever come back??? Will they surface when they’re ready??? Should I call them to come back??? Do they know when to come???

Will they come back soon??? Are they gone for very long??? Or will all my hair be gray before their return???

Will I just be left waiting???

Will there be a sign or a sound??? How will I know once they’ve returned??? Will they still be silent, will there still be silence???

Will I hold them back or let out too many with no concern??? Will he use them??? Will he listen to them???

Will he understand them or not even try??? Will he hear the words through the sounds??? Or is it easier to listen to the words when they sound like nothing???

Just a thought turned to a question turned to a post.