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Was there an option to opt out of becoming a grown up???

I mean, I’m here now but is it possible for me to warn others?

★Watch out when you take that leap to leave middle school and go into high school, you’re right around the corner from final exams and 20 page papers on a regular basis.

★Then when you leave college, you can look forward to paying back those student loans they tempted you to take. Lol.


Maybe there was a time I could have revised the “Adult” contract. Someone probably explained it after I pulled an all-nighter to finish projects/assignments assigned at the same time, all due on the same day.

Not everything about adulthood is horrible but I’d definitely like to renegotiate the contract. I’d like a few weekdays to just watch shows and cartoons that were out in the 90’s. I’d like the clothes to cost the same. And I want my mom to pack my lunches and cook dinner each night.


Other than that, I must say I enjoy what I learn about myself each day. I appreciate my spiritual journey I’ve taken and my relationship with God. I love stilettos and cardigans. And spending quality time with my boyfriend without my parents having to drop me off or any parental supervision is pretty cool.

☆Those of you not quite into adulthood, don’t rush things.
☆Live and appreciate your childhood, adolescence and teen years because you’ll miss them once they’re gone.
☆Have a good lawyer on hand to negotiate your “Adult” contract before you get here.

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