Stimuli vs Boundaries

Time with one’s self is some kind of inspiration. It clears space for your mind to wander and imagine in every direction. There’s a new category for my posts, just for the ones like this…


Eyes open. Sweat sparkles through the darkness.

Heat expands and muscles contract. Uncertainty is masked by intrigue.

No turning back.

We’ve crossed the line marked in the sand.

No longer in between us, it lies under us.

Forever engraved into our memory banks.

Complete consumption with no separation;

Separate forms morph into one sensuous motion.

No more lustful thoughts only provocative actions,

deep breaths and stiffled exhales.

Blood rushes, hearts pound, Hands clasp, teeth clench, toes curl

and peaks are reached.

Thoughts of Celibacy over Dinner

Being celibate gets your mind moving in every direction. Here’s one direction my mind seems to go into often… It’s pretty GRAPHIC so BEWARE.

I can only imagine.

Lips against my back, hands against the small. Trembling as you carry on your handy work with my eyes closed. Feeling as your lips curl into a smile as they follow my swirmish movements. Deeply enthralled by your fragrance filling the air I’m inhaling. I still can’t open my eyes. Kissing below the nape of my neck. Paralyzing my thoughts with sensuality. Only wondering where you’ll move next. One kiss on my shoulder then a kiss on the other. Then you carefully turn me over. Feeling my heart beat racing. I swear it’s going to pop out of my chest as your lips travel slowly down to that direction. Speechless. Grabbing your hair and tugging gently as you circle and nibble. Sucking lightly. No lips have felt softer. Rubbing them down my abdomen. Eskimo kissing my stomach. Nearing my naval full speed as I gasp for air. Then, I feel you look up at me.

I finally open my eyes and you tell me, “for the third time pass the ketchup, please!”


I guess I’ll have to continue to imagine until my fantasy becomes more than my daydream. Otherwise I’ll just keep my eyes closed and my imagination running.