No more running…

In my want to help others, I become engulfed in giving advice, proofreading and editing for others. While it’s all coming from a good place, I don’t take the time to do those things for myself. Until someone (my boyfriend to be more specific) told me, “there’s nothing to it but to do it.”

Amazingly enough, this simple phrase made me sit back and evaluate what I was doing to enrich and develop myself. Nothing. I had many good intentions; I had checked out 2 library books about Public Relations and digital media but having not read more than 10 pages out of either book after almost 2 weeks isn’t progress. With so many forms of social media and resources at my fingertips, why am I not taking advantage of each of them? I’m looking for progress in the wrong places. Instead of actually sitting down and learning something new or trying something new, I’m secretly running away from improvement.

If you have been in the same predicament as me, STOP RUNNING. Take your own advice you keep giving to everyone else. Take the time you give to others out of your own schedule and put it into your own development. Let go of the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown. Revamp your website, write a new post in your blog, try something new with your social media, read some books, do some research and create some greatness.

I’m taking on my self development plan, right now, as we speak. Progression, here I come.

– ILIveToInspIre

Apartment D: The Arbors, My Home


Sometimes my thoughts get so loud, I can’t escape my thinking. Sometimes the bills pile so high, I think I may drown before I’ll ever reach the top. Sometimes the fridge is empty and the cupboards are bare. Sometimes my stomach growls and there’s only water to quiet the rumbling. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t where I am, that my situation were different. That I were comfortable. Sometimes… until I’m reminded of where I could be.

I’m reminded that the space around me is just that. It’s only space. It’s not negative to my mindset. It’s not trapping me physically. It’s pushing me mentally. It motivates me to do more, to become more. Not just for better surroundings. Not just to enter a home with crown molding and granite countertops. Or a home with vaulted ceilings and mounted flat screens.

My space inspires me to live in a realm that speaks of my accomplishments. My space not adorned with very much, only a touch of furniture here and there; my simple apartment portrays the life of a minimalist. Living to dream. Dreaming to InspIre. And inspiring to bring about great change.

My space is clean and quiet. Full of the necessities and lacking some, as well. But my space speaks of my journey. That my journey isn’t yet complete. I have come a long way but truthfully my journey has only begun.

So as I tuck myself in and see the few shadows that dance across my walls. I’ll remember this space and this time. I’ll keep this as a memory. As a trajectory that catapults me into a new place where I’m meant to be. Where I’m meant to motivate and meticulously manipulate a race of forward moving, progressive thinking members of humankind.

Not stuck on stereotypes, status quo or statistics. But determined to break molds, question society’s standards and break through barriers with intellect.

That’s the legacy that will come from me. That’s what I’ll leave behind for the world to see. A true experience almost as powerful as living where my pantry may stay empty but my spirit always stays so full.

Speaking of War

We are creatures of instantaneous responses, fueled from rapid emotions. We don’t take the time to listen when it’s so much quicker to just pick out what we want to hear and then declare war.

After the words fire from our ready weapons and the dust finally settles, we never take responsibility for the casualties. We only remember the bullets that came in our direction.

Until we’ve been removed from the battlefield and have taken off our armor, do we see or feel the damage we’ve left behind. By that time, talks of reconciliation are deterred by thoughts of regret and fear of rejection.

Whether we started or finished the battle, regardless if we are afraid our “adversary” won’t accept our treaty of peace, we must take that first step to start rebuilding. We can’t continue to let time pass, for life is much to short to be ravaged by warring hearts.

Why are you Drowning Yourself???


Have you fallen into the deep end of the pool and just as you make your way to the top of the water’s surface you feel a hand submerging your head deeper and deeper? You try to fight but you just can’t overpower the culprit?

You are almost out of breath and out of will to continue the fight. What are you going to do? Here’s some sound advice for this predicament: stop drowning yourself.

It’s true. Most of the time, you are drowning yourself. Your own hand is holding your head down below the water’s surface. You are struggling to fight with yourself to near death while no one else is around.

Why are you drowning yourself?

– Are you afraid of change? Are you scared to move to the next level? Are you afraid to veer from your schedule? Are you scared to ask for help?

You have to realize your own reason.

When life’s storms floods your baby wading pool and the floaties no longer work; it’s time for you to learn how to swim. Don’t drown yourself with the “unplanned.” Allow the “unplanned” to strengthen your senses and swim like you’ve never swam before. You never know your full potential until Murphy’s Law is in full effect.

Otherwise, no one in this world would experience greatness. There would only be the average or the mediocre and everyone else would be sub par. That isn’t what the world needs. The world needs fighters, innovators, pioneers and dreamers willing to live out their dreams.

Life’s storms aren’t here to drown you or cause you to drown yourself. You go through tragedy, tribulations and turmoil to reach triumph! So as the water rises and you find yourself moving closer to the deep end, don’t panic and drown yourself. Take a deep breath and head under to find the “amazing” you’ve never found before. Just remember to come up for a breath of fresh air every so often because you are only human. Not a fish.

My place in this big world…

I’ve always wondered where my place is in this world…

With my initial search, I thought that I just couldn’t find it. Now I know, I haven’t found my place because it isn’t there yet. I realized that I have to create my place.

I’m not content with having some cookie cutter, less than perfect, run of the mill position in life.

I want my own place that I earned on my own merit. A place that I created with my own two hands. A place that I paid for with my own dues. I want an imperfectly magnificent place overlooking the clouds.

I know I have a lot more climbing to do before I make it all the way up there to start my build; but I don’t even mind. I’m just enjoying the view and taking each peak on my journey one day at a time.

I always keep my blueprints on hand for whenever I reach the top to break new ground.

Inspiration that inspires me to inspire you.

– I LIve to InspIre

Excuse Me. Can You Tell Me Who I Am?

Have you ever tried to get confirmation from someone else? Did you feel like everything would magically be honky dory if someone else gave you a thumbs up for what you do? I can honestly say that in  the past I have. I understand, as humans, we all need some type of encouragement to help us along the way; yet, at times I feel we need to realize that it isn’t always necessary. Just fyi, I made this realization yesterday. So please don’t feel as if I’m picking on you, I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

You can’t wait on anyone else to justify who you are or what you want to do in life. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t all born knowing who we are or what we want to do but you are supposed to use this journey through life as a lesson towards that epiphany. For those, like me, that take a little more time to figure out the odds and ends; you must learn who you are and what you want to do by making some mistakes.

Unlike anything you may have been taught, mistakes aren’t all bad. I’ve made some beautiful mistakes and gotten some bumps and bruises that have developed me into the strong, creative spirit I am today. When I say “make some mistakes” I mean try new things, open your mind and take some leaps of faith to see where you land. Sometimes there will be rough landings but once you’ve gained full consciousness, you might like your new surroundings.

Take me for instance, I graduated from Vidalia High School in May of 2005 and went straight to college at Georgia Southern University in August 2005 expected to graduate in four years to then go onto Medical School to become a general surgeon. I couldn’t decide on a specific type of surgery, so general it was. LOL. Lovely picture, right? Very much so, but it was a picture I hand painted. I didn’t realize I forget to paint myself into the picture.

I had to go that specific route because that’s what I told myself  and my parents. That’s what I believed I had to stick to because of how many times I had told them; and if I did anything else I KNEW I would be letting them down. I needed that confirmation from my parents and for whatever reason I thought I wouldn’t get it if I didn’t close off my future into a tiny square box. (BTW, my parents are like super supportive and have always been but I have always had a predisposition to not disappoint them because they were always so supportive. Sounds like a catch 22, right? It is.)

As a pre-med Georgia Southern student, my pre chosen major (not my choice)was Chemistry. Sadly I hated Chemistry but hey I changed to Biology and then hey I realized I hated pre-med. Though I knew I hated pre-med, I stuck it out for 2 years because that’s all I knew. In reality, I would have now clue what I wanted to do until after 1 year of Chem pre-med, 1 year of Bio pre-med followed by 1 year of pre-nursing.

If that wasn’t a mistake, I don’t know what is. LOL. Although, my mistake was necessary for me to know where I didn’t want to be. I became 100% aware of my meant to be major through the wonderful world of extracurricular activities. To be exact, through the African Students Association. To be even more exact because of the V.P. of ASA at the time, Kofo, and the ASA advisor/mentor, Dr. Jallow. (Thanks, you two!!!)

After being placed (not quite by my choice) into a Community Service Chair position and then choosing (on my own) to become the Public Relations Chair, my fate was sealed. Public Relations was my thing! I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but I was doing it, meeting people and having fun. I had crashed landed into paradise.

So long story short and still kind of long. I have made my mistakes, felt defeated, cried, dried my tears, tripped over my own two feet, busted my knee, got some help, cried again, received some necessary encouragement, built a plan, flew, crashed, exploded, flew again and learned from everything.

I blossomed and learned in my own sweet time and I am thankful for everything that happened.

No matter what others try to “pre-do” for you, you have to decide if it’s what you want to do. Even when you think you are doing the right thing, you can certainly be wrong. Especially when you have people behind you and because those people are behind you, you think that you have to keep going for them. You don’t. Keep going for you. Or stop and start back up with something else if you need to. Make sure you find out who you are and what you want. Otherwise, you could end up miserable; if you are always trying to get confirmation from someone else.

Words to inspire from me to inspire you.

– I LIve to InspIre