Patience, young grasshopper…

Even when you’re afraid, when everyone has counted you out; count your blessings and be glad. Be strong, be faithful and be courageous. With faith and hard work comes change. With persistence and a bright smile comes progress. With love and respect comes growth. All these things come with patience.

Hold on for your next opportunity, otherwise you’ll strike out and someone else will knock it out of the park.

IAdvIse: LipSmackers

You learn more/grow more/relate more when you listen more, speak less and subject the concepts/ideals you internalize to some contrasting arguments.

We only progress when we can accept a challenge. We only fool ourselves if we believe we have all the right answers to all our own questions.

I’m venturing…

I’m venturing down this road to find myself, to make goals, to get rid of said goals and make more, to reach my dreams and to learn from my mistakes.

This venture is my own and no one else’s.

So I don’t need anyone’s approval or judgement, to make it through. That’s why I have the Lord guiding me.


A Lonely Definition…

Being alone doesn’t automatically mean that you’re lonely. Loneliness doesn’t exist until realization meets emotion. When you feel isolated and disconnected from any other human spirit, that’s when loneliness exists in its truest sense.