What do you do when you can’t sleep???

You jump into the darkness you are trying to hide from. You capture that darkness you are trying to dream away. And with that darkness you begin to create.

You allow the tears to roll down your face and onto the paper. To remember new visions and reconstruct old memories.

Creating masterpieces your mind couldn’t imagine without that darkness.
Without letting go. Without tapping into that unused percent everyone is so thoughtless about.

Here, between sleep and conciousness is where tears cleanse unwraveled thoughts. Until your conscious thoughts cut the rhythmic flow.

And as those tears morph into magic, they still hold their sting and their salty taste. Just as you still fear that darkness.

Though you captured its black resonating beauty, you’ve experienced its allure. You can’t help but to let it go and hide from it once again.

And once again you close your eyes. You leave the realm of imagination to enter the realm of dreams.

What do you do when you can’t sleep???

You create mortal miracles from the misery and mischief until you finally fall asleep.