Read the instructions…

Ever wonder if you could come with instructions for your partner??? I did, so I created this. I can’t say it makes me easier to understand or be with but it was fun to write. What would your instructions say???


Grab my hand and pull me closer. Take my heart and hold it dear. Grasp my thoughts and know me deeper. Catch my tears and comfort me longer.      

Hear my voice and listen to me calmly. Taste my kiss and remember me passionately. Feel my skin and embrace me warmly. See my beauty and watch me graciously.     
Forgive my mistakes and treat me impartially. Accept my past and treat me indifferently. Honor my being and treat me respectfully. Appreciate my integrity and treat me sincerely.   
Ignite my spirit and pray with me     faithfully. Mentor my gifts and challenge me creatively. Encourage my growth and nurture me emotionally. Cherish my love and love me unconditionally.