Who do you think you’re talking to???

God places different types of people in your life to play different roles. You have different people to talk to for different reasons.

You don’t have to talk to your boyfriend about the same subjects you talk to your best friend about. Especially if you’ve started to notice disjointing in those relationships when you try to talk about certain subjects.

Sometimes it takes a while to realize who plays what role. And you may have to get your feelings hurt a few times before you get a clear understanding. But it’s well worth knowing the best sources to go to about work issues, a tv series love affairs (like Fitz and Olivia), pop culture or any random item on your mind.

Just know, there’s nothing wrong with knowing who to talk. It can definitely strengthen relationships. And give you a proper outlet for whatever may be on your mind.

A new meaning to the “do over”…

As a child, using do overs was the game changer. You’d lose then say ‘do over’, ready to try again. When did you lose that want to do better the next time? Why are you so afraid to take chances? Why don’t you look at each day like a child’s ‘do over’?

Everyday is an opportunity. A restart. A new chance. No one makes you throw away your day, your opportunity. You do that on your own.

Take each day and own it.

Try harder, live better, learn more, love deeper, say less,  listen more, don’t compromise your values and be someone else’s blessing at least once everyday.

Let’s be more like children each day… curious and imaginative.

The Performance of our Lives

As women, even as humans, we never want to admit our problems, our mistakes or our vulnerabilities. For the sake of saving face or not looking weak. But at some point in time we must give up the cover story and let someone know about the dramatic depiction of the life we live.

Her life is a movie. The type you can’t help but to watch. Not like the ones that are romantic and heart-warming. But the type you watch because her heartbreak is comforting. Because you can relate to her dilemmas and frustration. And you understand why she feels so defeated, beaten down and you wish you could give her the answer. How badly you want to help the underdog, the innocent protagonist. But of course, you can’t.

The same way you can’t understand the answers to your own questions, you can’t answer hers either because her life is on a screen. She can’t hear you, no matter how loud you scream. The screen always interrupts your heroic attempts. And you are left helpless to watch knowingly. And I am left to act out my life’s role unknowning and vulnerable.

Wait, did I say I. My mistake. When I say I, of course I mean her. Because if I admit it’s me and my life, that makes it too real for me. Then I need to admit my unhappiness and my anger. Even more my sadness… And after admission, I’m expected to face my problems and deal with them. But this I, isn’t ready for that.

There’s just too much tied to the word I, so just read on without gettingĀ  connected to me. Just remember her. Remember her film. Her story. Her face, her tears, her nights feeling alone and broken. Without anyone real to talk to, only other actors. Giving her empty emotions while reciting lines from a script. It’s all an act.

But I can’t seem to escape it. I want happiness and love and security. But all those things seem to run in the opposite direction away from me. And I can’t understand why. I pray for it and wait but it just never seems to work…

As much as I want it to be all about her, it’s really about me. I guess it’s time to face fact and let go of the charade. I can deny it no longer. So, world, the girl on the screen is me. Unguarded – open – a little broken, but ready to work on my problems.

The first and most important one, being me.

Happiness isn’t…

Happiness isn’t wishing for more to enter your life, too soon, but it’s appreciating who & what you have in your life now. Happiness is humbly accepting all the blessings, big & small, you receive each day and being thankful for every last one. Happiness is acting as a welcoming host when new opportunities knock at your door; it’s not shutting your heart to what’s unfamiliar because of your apprehension to change.

Always allow happiness into your life.

Why are you Drowning Yourself???


Have you fallen into the deep end of the pool and just as you make your way to the top of the water’s surface you feel a hand submerging your head deeper and deeper? You try to fight but you just can’t overpower the culprit?

You are almost out of breath and out of will to continue the fight. What are you going to do? Here’s some sound advice for this predicament: stop drowning yourself.

It’s true. Most of the time, you are drowning yourself. Your own hand is holding your head down below the water’s surface. You are struggling to fight with yourself to near death while no one else is around.

Why are you drowning yourself?

– Are you afraid of change? Are you scared to move to the next level? Are you afraid to veer from your schedule? Are you scared to ask for help?

You have to realize your own reason.

When life’s storms floods your baby wading pool and the floaties no longer work; it’s time for you to learn how to swim. Don’t drown yourself with the “unplanned.” Allow the “unplanned” to strengthen your senses and swim like you’ve never swam before. You never know your full potential until Murphy’s Law is in full effect.

Otherwise, no one in this world would experience greatness. There would only be the average or the mediocre and everyone else would be sub par. That isn’t what the world needs. The world needs fighters, innovators, pioneers and dreamers willing to live out their dreams.

Life’s storms aren’t here to drown you or cause you to drown yourself. You go through tragedy, tribulations and turmoil to reach triumph! So as the water rises and you find yourself moving closer to the deep end, don’t panic and drown yourself. Take a deep breath and head under to find the “amazing” you’ve never found before. Just remember to come up for a breath of fresh air every so often because you are only human. Not a fish.