A Golden Rule for Relationships

Treating your significant other like a stale PB&J is your choice; just don’t be surprised when he/she becomes someone else’s filet mignon.

Patience, young grasshopper…

Even when you’re afraid, when everyone has counted you out; count your blessings and be glad. Be strong, be faithful and be courageous. With faith and hard work comes change. With persistence and a bright smile comes progress. With love and respect comes growth. All these things come with patience.

Hold on for your next opportunity, otherwise you’ll strike out and someone else will knock it out of the park.

IAdvIse: LipSmackers

You learn more/grow more/relate more when you listen more, speak less and subject the concepts/ideals you internalize to some contrasting arguments.

We only progress when we can accept a challenge. We only fool ourselves if we believe we have all the right answers to all our own questions.

A Lonely Definition…

Being alone doesn’t automatically mean that you’re lonely. Loneliness doesn’t exist until realization meets emotion. When you feel isolated and disconnected from any other human spirit, that’s when loneliness exists in its truest sense.

Speaking of War

We are creatures of instantaneous responses, fueled from rapid emotions. We don’t take the time to listen when it’s so much quicker to just pick out what we want to hear and then declare war.

After the words fire from our ready weapons and the dust finally settles, we never take responsibility for the casualties. We only remember the bullets that came in our direction.

Until we’ve been removed from the battlefield and have taken off our armor, do we see or feel the damage we’ve left behind. By that time, talks of reconciliation are deterred by thoughts of regret and fear of rejection.

Whether we started or finished the battle, regardless if we are afraid our “adversary” won’t accept our treaty of peace, we must take that first step to start rebuilding. We can’t continue to let time pass, for life is much to short to be ravaged by warring hearts.

When you pray f…

When you pray for the perfect opportunity, you need faith to go along with the prayer. Don’t just expect things to happen out of thin air, work towards your goal. Continue to improve yourself and learn so you are ready when that opportunity bum rushes you.

Don’t drop the ball when it’s time for you take the game-winning shot. Especially when that shot determines the next step in your life.